A Quad Wash Fontina

When an Italian Fontina is crafted by a Vermonter, washed in a quad Belgian ale...
Angela Tomassetti
June 6, 2022
A Quad Wash Fontina

When Vermonters make a Fontina.

We are pleased to introduce you all to a new cheese selection -- Parish Hill Creamery's Hermit. This producer is new to us. Based out of Vermont, these cheesemakers work with raw milk by hand.

A quad wash.

Parish Hill's distinctly Vermonter take on an Italian Fontina style, Hermit, is a gorgeous natural rind cheese. It is given a wash in quadruple Belgian ale brine as part of its aging process, resulting in a flavor that's savory while retaining that nutty Vermont Terroir.

Be sure to grab a block from our cooler or add it to your next delivery order. We love this one with a dry white or sparkling rosé. But it also pairs beautifully with our Pomelo Sage Hops Seltzer and Blackcurrant and Spruce Hemp Elixir. Both non-alcoholic drinks are available in-store and online.

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