Farm Fresh Produce is here!

Get your Michigan farm fresh veggies right here in Berwyn when you shop at Lunges 'n Lattes!
Angela Tomassetti
May 28, 2022
Farm Fresh Produce is here!

The season has opened.

You know what we love about asparagus? Aside from the flavor, obviously. We love that asparagus signals the start of the summer produce season. It has been a slow start. Between all the rain and snow we had in April and the fact the soil was so darn cold, it has taken just a little bit longer for us to get started. But, boy, was it worth the wait for this delicious bounty!

Now available in green and purple.

Have you had purple asparagus? The flavor is just a little different from the green variety. A hint of nuttiness is about the only way we can find to describe it. The green variety has just a little more sweetness to it.
We love to grill ours, brushed with olive oil and dusted with celery salt. The perfect way to avoid over-cooking, for those of us who are culinarily-challenged.
Expect to find asparagus in our little salad cups. We par boil it, shock it with cold water so it doesn't go stringy, then toss it with a little bit of fresh squeeze lemon juice and goat cheese crumbles. It will be on the menu on Tuesday, May 31st, until supplies run out.

Want to get some asparagus for yourself? Pop into the café this weekend and stock up. Our fresh haul from Mick Klug Farm is the perfect accompaniment for any barbecue plans. And at just $4.99/lb for these organic green, purple, and mixed varieties, you can't go wrong.

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